Located on the shores of Lake Washington, Kirkland is a suburban city infused with vitality and a young attitude where joggers, shoppers, business people and retirees all mingle along the waterfront promenade. It is a town where conversation in coffee shops ends at 11pm, a town that is alive with weekly art shows and jazz walks. It is a town where international corporate headquarters and small, local businesses exist and thrive side by side, and where you can choose between movie theaters and community theaters.

The day life is as lively as the night life.  Kirkland brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “pedestrian-friendly” because you can explore much of Kirkland on foot.  Downtown and close to many restaurants and shops, Marina Park features a sandy beach—perfect to get your toes wet—and a beautiful open-air pavilion as well as summer concerts and magnificent views of Lake Washington and Seattle. Marina Park is home to many of Kirkland’s special events including the July 4th Celebration and Kirkland Uncorked.

For a visit or for a lifetime, Kirkland  has the charm of the way life used to be in America. For more information on Kirkland go to:


Population: 50,697

Median household income: $78,980

Median home price: $405,300